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April 27, 2016

No. 10 of My Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries: Georg Heinrich (Henry) Christian Schulze

A Facebook friend recently posted her top 10 Genealogy Mysteries.  They aren't brick walls because there is probably an answer somewhere, just waiting to be found. I thought this was a great idea and I am following suit with my Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries. 

Of course any help or suggestions for further research are welcome. You can read my other Genealogy Mysteries at Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries 

Here is my Number 10 of 10 Genealogy Mysteries: Georg Heinrich (Henry) Christian Schulze and his wife Marie (Mary) Catharina Friederke Gercken. 


18 Dec. 1840 Henry Schulze  was born.(Source Church record) He was christened  04 Apr 1841 in Hannover, Hannover, Preußen, Germany
Birth Date:     18 Dec 1840   
Father's Name:     Heinrich Christian Schulze
Mother's Name:     Sophie Wilhelmine Reinecke  

20 Dec 1846: Marie (Mary) Catharina Friederke Gercken was born in Kiel Germany (Source Family Bible)  

15 March 1867: Maria Gercken was issued a travel pass good for one year to sail to England from Hamburg Germany (Source: Travel Pass in family documents)
24 Feb 1869 he and his wife were in Myton, Hull, Yorkshire, England baptising their first child Mary Minnie Schulze. (Source Birth record and family bible)


*** When did Maria leave Germany for England? Where is she on a passenger list? When did Henry leave for England? Where is he on a passenger list? Was she married when she left or did she  and Henry Schulze marry in England? ***

The pass was only good for one year so Maria must have left Germany between 15 March 1867 and 15 March 1868 UNLESS she married and then applied for a new pass. However, since she kept this pass in her possession, it seems she would have thrown it out and kept any updated pass in her important papers.

No marriage record has been found in England for the couple. We know they married between March 15, 1867 when Maria was a single woman applying for her pass, and 1868 or 1869 when their daughter Minnie was born.  

Their death records provide no useful information as to their immigration from Germany to England.The family bible, owned by a descendant, holds no useful information. 

I welcome any help or suggestions for finding anything about this family before their time in England. 

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