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March 18, 2017

Rescued Photo Album 1930s Carillon Quebec

Old family photo albums are such precious items. Often they can be found lying neglected and in sad shape in flea markets and antique stores. When I can afford them, I rescue them and put the photos online in hopes a descendant will spot the treasure.

Recently I stumbled on this 11x7 inch photo album from the 1930s. It is chock full of family photos of individuals, of tombstones and even a photo of students in a school classroom from 1934.

Almost every page is dated and has the location noted, but there are very few names. However the tombstone photos provided wonderful clues and I was able to solve the mystery of what family is represented in this album. I won't make you wait - the family is the Flynn family of Carillon (near Montreal) Quebec. This album also reveals the intermarriage of the Bradley family and others.

Here is page 1 of the Flynn family album. 

This tombstone reads:

In Memory of William Flynn
died 29 December 1905
age 57 years 5 months

Agnes B. Flynn
died March 16 1899 
age 21 years

Jane Dundon
wife of John Flynn
died 18 June 1899
a Native of Co. [Limerick?] Ireland 

The tombstone photo is labelled 1928. There are two missing photos, each labelled with dates but no other information.

To follow this project as I scan and place the photos online, just choose "Flynn Photo Album" in the right side bar. If you are related to this family, and would like to own the album, email me at for details.


Cindi said...

This is lovely Lorraine that you rescued this album! I have a very similar album ( see bottom of my Halloween and Ancestors page for a photo of the cover) that belonged to my grandmother.
Looking forward to seeing more scans from your Flynn photos.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Nice album Cindi. One correction in your comment - my name is LORINE, not Lorraine (that's not only spelled wrong, it's a different name) Sorry for the correction but it's a pet peeve of mine :-)