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September 2, 2020

Finding Ancestors in Canadian Genealogy Records


Finding Ancestors in Canada 

To find ancestors in Canada you need to know which Province or Territory in Canada your ancestors settled. 

Provinces and Territories in Canada were settled at different times. Canadian genealogy records such as Vital Stats or Census were kept starting at different times. Not all Canadian genealogy records have survived. 

Where do I Start Looking for my Canadian Ancestors?

To find your Canadian ancestor, start your search in Ontario,  Quebec Acadia ,  Alberta British Columbia ,  Manitoba New Brunswick,  Newfoundland Nova Scotia  Northwest Territories Prince Edward island Saskatchewan , or Yukon Genealogy records. 

Search Canadian Immigration Records 

Did your ancestor arrive in Canada BEFORE 1865? Search for passenger names in Olive Tree Genealogy free ships passenger lists 1535 to 1864

Did your ancestor arrive in Canada AFTER 1865? Search for passenger names in Olive Tree Genealogy free ships passenger lists 1865 to present


John Cordes said...

Thanks for this collection of Canadian genealogy resources -- looks great! Is there a place to submit corrections / updates for some of the links given?

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Hi John

I welcome corrections! Just send them to me at

Please include URL of page where bad link is found, and name of link - plus new URL if you have it