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January 11, 2021

Find Ancestors in Register of USA Passports 1834-1843

Index to Register of Passports USA 14 November 1834 to 1843

These passports were granted to citizens of the United States going to foreign countries. Passports were granted to those satisfied the requirement that they be “entitled to receive them” Each applicant had to present evidence that they were a citizen of the USA and a description of his person:

Age, Height (Stature), Forehead, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Chin, Hair, Complexion, Face

If the applicant’s wife, children or servants were to accompany him, or any females under his protection, only their names and ages plus their relationship to the applicant was needed. 

An INDEX to passports issued from 1834 to 1843 is online on . The applicants residences covered all of the USA.

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