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February 25, 2007

Descendants of Signers of Flushing Remonstrance 1657 New Netherland (New York)

The historical Bowne House in Flushing, Queens New York is looking for descendants of Peter Stuyvesant, his sheriff Resolved Waldron, and signers of the Flushing Remonstrance of 1657.

Dec. 27, 2007 will be the 350th anniversary of this famous signing. The Flushing Remonstrance is recognized as the foundation of freedom of religion in America. Though there were only 30 signers, there are thousands of descendants living today. Though he was not there to sign the document, John Bowne was the first to "test" it when he allowed Quakers to worship in his house. Because of this, he was arrested and imprisoned by Governor Peter Stuyvesant, and sent back to Holland for trial. There he won his case for religious liberty, and returned to New York in 1663, with a ruling for Peter Stuyvesant to extend tolerance to all religious sects.

The 30 signers were: Nicolas BLACKFORD, George CLERE, Elias DOUGHTIE, Edward FARRINGTON, Tobias FEAKE, Antonie FIELD, Robert FIELD, Sr, ROBERT field, Jr. , John FOARD, Edward GRIFFINE, Edward HART, Nathaniel HEFFERD, Benjamin HUBBARD, John MASTINE, Michael MILNER, William NOBLE, Nich Colas PARSELL, William PIDGION, Henry SEMTELL, Richard STOCTON, John STORE, Edward TARNE, William THORNE Sr., William THORNE, Jr. John TOWNSEND, Nathaniel TUE, Micah TUE, Phillip UDALL, George WRIGHT.

Please contact Donna Cartelli, Executive Director BHHS,

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