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February 11, 2007

New York Miscellaneous Documents Online

I hope this is helpful, it's a list I made of miscellaneous NY related data online on blogs.

Each blog has a list of the New York documents found there. The dates at the end are the dates the data/document was posted. So you can go to the blog and search the archives for that date OR go to the blog and use the Blogger Search Engine to hunt for the keywords in the post.


Family Bible: WHITE, VAN SCHAACK 11/9/05

Family Bible: Stewart, Blodgett, McNutt in New York...10/13/05

Family Bible: Dorn, Barrows New York 1846 10/4/05

Odden Family Bible, New York New York 8/10/05

HUSK, ODDEN, PETERSEN Bible New York 8/4/05

Cropsey Family Bible, New York City, 1838 7/13/05

Smith Family Family Bible 1816 Salem New York 7/11/05

Haynes E. BAKER Family Bible (BAKER, ADAMS, HAYNES...6/1/05

CARPENTER Family Bible (CARPENTER, GROVER, GRAVES,...Connecticut, New York 5/31/05

SHAW Bible 1831-1951 Minnesota, New York, 12/29/04

HALLADAY Bible 1840s Illinois, New York, 12/29/04

FAMILY BIBLE: Brooks - Gray, New York & Massachusetts, 11/30/04

BIBLE: Deacon Family New York New York 11/24/04

Markham, Boardman & Quackenbush Family Bible 11/20/04

CHRISTMAN Family Bible, New York New York 11/19/04

BOWEN Family Bible New York New York 10/19/04

1845 BERRESFORD Family Bible England, New York, Ohio, Ontario 10/19/04

COLE Family Bible, Ohio & New York 7/19/04

BURCH-HUESTED Family Bible, New York 7/19/04

FAIRCHILD & BROWN Family Bible, New York 6/19/04

CULLEN Family Bible, New York 6/19/04

BOWMAN & HORS Family Bible, Vermont & New York

Marriage Certificate Massachusetts DAMON - LYNCH ...2/6/07

1886 Buffalo New York Druggists to George M. Davis...10/21/06

1890 Buffalo New York Furniture Receipt A. B. Davis...1/7/06

1818 Herkimer Ny Justice of the Peace Document CON...12/12/05

Increase Crosby, Physician Orange Co. New York 12/8/05

1804 Indenture FISH & MARTEN Schaghticoke, Renssel... New York 12/4/05

FISH & ALVORD Cincinnatus, Cortland Co. NY Indentu... New York 12/1/05

New York William COLMAN 1834 Receipt New York 11/30/05

1873 Jacob Hermance Ellenville NY Document 9/28/05

Herkimer & German Flats NY 1795 Documents 9/22/05

1885 Varysburgh New York D. S. Davis to George Davis...9/12/05

1842 Travel Documents Rinkelmann Germany to NY 9/4/05

1891 Warsaw New York Old Paper Document New York 8/13/05

1886 Invoice to G. M. Davis of Perry New York 8/10/05

1845 letter Elizabeth Pease, Abolitionist Quaker ...England, New York 7/30/05

Groveland Station New York Invoice to George M Dav... New York 7/28/05

1797 Union NY Deed of Land to Benjamin Winchel Rev... New York 7/25/05

1897 Albany New York Keeler's Hotel to George Davi... New York 7/24/05

1892 Leroy New York W. S. Brown Carriage Factory 7/23/05

Vienna Bakery Invoice Warsaw NY to A. B. Davis & C...7/21/05

1891 Warsaw New York Letter to Davis New York 7/20/05

1890 Buffalo New York Baked Goods George M. Davis ... New York 7/19/05

1886 Buffalo, New York Invoice Mr. G. Davis, Perry... New York 7/17/05

Marriage Certificate WAUGH - SHERWOOD, Greene NY 7/10/05

New York Legal document 1713 Nicholas Dallie (Dale... New York 7/5/05


Certificate re John Johnson of Albany New York. 17...11/26/04

1802 STATE OF NEW YORK DOCUMENT - Newman, Van Ness... New York 11/26/04

1809, Jesse Hurd,New York shipbuilder documents 11/26/04

1896, Medal of Honor, Wilber Wilder, West Point 11/26/04

New York. Lake Champlain. Canada. Petition, 1790 -... Ontario 11/26/04

Catskill National Bank Signed Check, 1901 11/26/04

The National Bank of Newburgh Signed Check, 1901 11/26/04

The National City Bank of Brooklyn Signed Check,

Funeral Card Calvin DOTY 1898, Columbia New York 9/23/06

Funeral Card Esther DOTY 1905 Columbia New York 9/22/06

Funeral card Thomas Beenfield, 1889 New York 1/8/06

Funeral Card Emory Crocker New York 1847-1892 12/28/05

OBIT: William Altrogge, New York New York

Civil War Memoir: Simeon H. Talbot 23rd 12/8/05

Civil War Memoir: Chauncey J. Weatherwax 151st 10/4/05

Civil War Memoir: Isaac E. Conklin 105th 9/22/05

Civil War Memoir: Lyman Chatfield Harwood 129th 9/9/05

Civil War Memoir: Albert I. Knowles 15th 9/6/05

Civil War Memoir: Peter J. Rabb 23rd Battery Light...8/24/05

Civil War Memoir: J. Byron Lovell 28th ... New York 8/10/05

Civil War Memoir Seth Lovell Company A, 140th 8/4/05

Civil War Memoir: Charles S. Schad 1st 8/1/05

Civil War Memoir: Michael Finnigan 28th 7/30/05

Civil War Memoir: Charles Lureman 28th 7/28/05

Civil War Memoir: Warren Ives 151st 7/26/05

Civil War Memoir: John Reando 13th 7/24/05

Civil war Memoir: Charles V. Mesler Company K, 7/23/05

Civil War Memoir: John Swick 23rd Independent 7/20/05

Civil War Memoir: William H. Crampton, 28th 7/19/05

Civil War Memoir: Lyman A. Dietrick, 140th 7/17/05

Henry Noyce, Maryland to Thomas Noyce, 11/27/04


Civil War: Francis Aubin of NEW YORK ZOUAVES~GARRA... New York 9/4/04

John Little, New York, 1883 New York 5/17/04

Civil War: Charles McDowell, a Canadian in NY 9th ... New York, Ontario 5/8/04

Benjamin Moore, Kingston NY 1817 New York 3/27/04

Letter to Mr. George S. Riley, Rochester, Monroe C...3/4/04

Letter to Arthur G. Hatch, Paris, France, from ... New York

I'll be continuing on with other locations in the USA & Canada so come back every couple of days to see what else I've listed

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