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November 3, 2008

Fisk Family Photo Album online

Here is another Family Photo Album with beautiful cartes de visite and cabinet cards. This album was sent to me in February 2007 by Alfredo M. Lamparelli of New Hampshire. It is a Civil War era album in poor condition, pages are loose and only 13photos remain.

But most are labelled either on the album pages themselves or on the reverse (verso) of the photo. There are some CDVs circa 1860-1880 and some Cabinet Cards circa 1880s in the album. Mr. Lamparelli provided no information on the provenance of the album.

After some research I discovered that the album was probably owned by a child of David Fiske and Laura Severington of Massachusetts. It was probably passed on to a grandchild of David & Laura, that grandchild being the person who wrote names of individuals in the album. I deduce this because of the use of "Uncle", "Aunt", "Coz" (Cousin). I believe I have figured out who most are and how they fit into David & Laura Fiske's family tree

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