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December 31, 2008

More Census Records Coming Online in 2009 is bringing some great genealogy databases online in 2009. There's no set dates yet but here's the scoop on one topic area - census records.

The most complete online collection of state census records will be exploding with new additions — more than 10 million records and 50,000 images.

U.S. and World Deluxe Subscriptions will be able to see

Improved U.S. Federal Censuses,1790–1890
You’ll soon have access to even cleaner, crisper U.S. Census images that will create more accurate indexes — including thousands of previously unreadable names.

U.S. Native American Records from Southeastern States, 1850–1930

Track down your Native-American ancestors in original documents listing individuals and families from southern tribes.

World Deluxe Subscriptions will have access to

The Complete Canada Census

You’ll soon be able to search indexes from 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1916 to complete this invaluable collection of Canadian Censuses. This will make the only place online to find the complete collection of Canada Census indexes.

Mexican Census

The 1930 Mexico Census — the only Mexican federal census available to the public — includes the names of about 16 million individuals. You’ll soon be able to search for your Mexican ancestors and their ages, birthplaces, occupations, religions and more.

Australia Electoral Rolls, 1901–1936

You’re getting 8 million new names added to the existing collection of Australian Electoral Rolls — an incredibly helpful tool in a country where voting is compulsory.

Meantime, you can search for your ancestors in the Complete US Federal Census Records online 1790-1930


Julie Cahill Tarr said...

Hey Lorine, I've awarded you the Proximidade Award.

looking4ancestors said...

Happy New Year's Greetings, Lorine!
This is exciting news, especially about the Canadian census records. Thanks for sharing the latest scoop.

Anonymous said...

I had quite a time tracing my Cherokee ancestors. A trip to the tribal archives in Oklahoma helped, and the genealogy centers of the Mormon Church have been good (doesn't matter if you're Mormon--I'm not).

caleb fox

Genealogy Blogger said...

Thanks for the Award Julie! I need to get cracking on this, as I was awarded it earlier this month by another genea-blogger.

I'm also excited about the Canadian Census Kathryn - especially that 1861! Mind you there are many missing areas in 1861, just as in 1851 but I'm still hopeful I will find my elusive PEER family!

Caleb, I completely agree with you - the genealogy at LDS is amazing. Sure wish I could take a trip to Salt Lake City to do more research

Anonymous said...

Not only are the Mormon genealogy centers good, the people who staff them give a lot of help.