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June 2, 2009

Quaker Marriage Certificate 1858

I was antique hunting last month and spotted a beautful ornate framed marriage certificate hanging on the wall. Closer inspection showed it to be dated 1858, New York, and apparently a Quaker (Society of Friends) Certificate.

With the permission of the store owner, I am posting the details and names here. Wouldn't it be great if when we find something of genealogical merit in an antique store, we ask permission to copy the facts for posting online?

Here are the names and dates from the Marriage Certificate. I have tried to reproduce the layout of the signatures as the placement of names on the same line almost certainly indicates a relationship between the individuals.

Andrew Holmes, Monkton, County of Addison Vermont son of Jonathan Holmes & Arletta his wife, and Ruth Cary of Halfmoon, Saratoga Co. New York, daughter of William Cary & Hannah his wife (Deceased). Society of Friends

Married in Morean New York, 3rd month 1858

Andreas Holmes, Ruth C. Holmes
Jonathan De bol, Mary Jane De bol
Rufus Hazard, Sarah A. Hazard
Eben Spicer, Eliza A. Spicer

Underneath in two columns
1st column
Mallie A. DeVol
Lydia Mott
James M. Cooper
Ruth E. Nessler
Jervis Cary
Wm. Cary
Maria D? Cary

2nd column
Elizabeth Cooper
Egbert Cary
Mary Ann Cary
Benjamin Angell
Mary Angell
Kesia Lang

Source: St. Jacobs Antique and Book Market, The Old Factory, 8 Spring Street, St. Jacobs Ontario (Canada)

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