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September 1, 2009

Creating Your Own Archived Articles on

Yesterday I discovered yet another very cool feature on Using the TOOLS section to create your own personal ARCHIVE allows you to build your own webpages featuring articles from which you can share with friends or family.

I started my own Archive with newspaper articles on my VOLLICK family who left Ontario Canada for Sault Ste Marie Michigan. I plan to share these with my brothers and sister as soon as I have the full number allowed (25 articles) Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Login to with your username and password

Step 2: Search for your articles (I use Advanced Search)

When you find one of interest, click on the icon ADD TO MY ARCHIVE (the little man with the plus sign, third icon from the left)

This is the popup window you get after clicking on ADD TO MY ARCHIVE

Step 3: Choose MY TOOLS from the left side bar.

When the new page loads you will see a list "My Account" "My Filing Cabinet" etc. YOu want "My Archives"

Step 4:

Now you are on the introduction page for My Archives. Click on MY ARCHIVE highlighted title text

Step 5:

Now you see all your previously saved arcticles. Your choices are to SHARE, ADD A LINK, ADD PRINTS TO CART or REMOVE. You can also VIEW FULL PAPER or ADD TO FILING CABINET. I usually view the full page to remind myself what the article is about

Step 6:

Choose one of your saved articles and EDIT the comments. For example I added the comment that one of my newspaper articles is the Obituary for William Harvey Vollick. After you have written your comments, SAVE CHANGES.

Remember, you can build your own personal archive of 25 saved newspaper pages to share with friends and family. I am loving this feature and have many more pages to find and add to my story page on

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