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September 18, 2009

Drouin Institute and reach an agreement!

The Drouin Institute website has just announced that an agreement has been reached with Ancestry.comregarding the indexing of the Drouin Records.

I first talked about the pulling of the Drouin Records in

Ancestry in Arbitration over Drouin Records

And Is there Genealogical Life Without Drouin

Readers and Genealogists will be happy to know that the Drouin records will once again be available to subscribers on the website as of September 21st.

Read Drouin versus Ancestry case settlement by arbitration (In French)

The posted version on the French language part of the Drouin website reads:

C O M M U N I Q U É et M. Jean-Pierre Pepin (Institut généalogique Drouin) annoncent à leur clientèle et à l’ensemble de la communauté des généalogistes qu’ils ont procédé au règlement de leur différend.

Ce faisant, les parties ont pris en compte les préoccupations des généalogistes énoncées dans les dernières semaines.

Ainsi, remettra en ligne le Fonds Drouin numérisé sur son site internet à compter de lundi le 21 septembre 2009.

Les parties remercient la communauté des généalogistes et leur souhaitent bonne recherche pour l’avenir.
Institut généalogique Drouin

Montréal le 17 septembre 2009
Basically this says that Ancestry and Jean Pierre Pepin of Drouin Institute have listened to online genealogists concerns and that will once again offer the Drouin records online as of Monday Sept 21st.


Anonymous said...

Merci, merci, merci!!

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

thank you for this wonderful news!!!

Lori E said...

I use them all the time and never noticed they were missing. Ancestry has my story in an ad on their site in reference to what I have found by using the Drouin records.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the terms of settlement? Will Ancestry be completing the indexing to Drouin's (and the contract's) standard within some specified time period?