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February 20, 2010

Help Find American WW2 Soldier

Can anyone help Jill find this American WW2 soldier? Jill found his Dog Tags in Australia and has asked my help in finding out about Stanley

Details can be found at American WW2 soldier


akaufman said...

Have you done a google search of his name + the other name on the tag? It might pop up on a genealogy site like

Genealogy Blogger said...

@akaufman: The soldier's name is not an unusual one.

As mentioned in my blog post, I searched Ancestry and found many men with that name in the WW2 database. Narrowing it down to determine which one, if any, is the correct one, is problematic.

My hope is that readers will either join in a team effort to search for this soldier, or know of him and his next of kin.

Fingers crossed! Thanks for your suggestion but I believe that's been covered.

Anonymous said...

Onfamilysearch recoird search under Washington state deaths they show a Stanley Thompson, husband of the former Mabel Chambers, born 1896 and dying in Seattle on 12 May 1946. I believe this might be who we are searching for.
I hope this helps.
Hesch History Blog

Genealogy Blogger said...

Great sleuthing Larry! I see that Stenley's parents are Douglas Thompson and Leota Sheridan.

I had a quick look and found the family, including 4 year old Stanley, in the 1900 census for Nelsonville Village, Athens, Ohio.

I'll let Jill know, but perhaps others can help fill in the blanks on Stanley's life and death.

I love teamwork!