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April 24, 2010

Recap of Who Do You Think You Are: Susan Sarandon Episode

Who Do You Think You Are? aired last night with it's episode featuring Susan Sarandon. I really enjoyed this episode, which focused on Susan's attempts to solve mystery of her grandmother Anita, who disappeared from Susan's mother's life when her mother was just a child.

With the help of genealogists in New York, Susan learns that her grandmother lived a very difficult early life, losing her own mother at the age of 9, married at age 13, and bearing two children (one of them Susan's mother) before she was 15 years old!

Anita disappeared when Susan's mother was about 2 years old, then reappeared briefly when Susan's mother was a teenager. Susan's mother had been told that Anita was dead so her appearance was startling. Then Anita disappeared once more and was never heard from again.

The story of Anita seemed to resonate with Susan who found that her grandmother's past as a dancer in a New York night club was bore similarities to Susan's career as an actress. By the end, Susan has found a new understanding of her grandmother and perhaps the reasons she left her family and started a new life.

The website for “Who Do You Think You Are?” can be accessed here The website features bios of the celebrities featured in the show, photos, and several video clips as well as articles on how to get started in family history. is a partner with NBC on this genealogy show.


Anonymous said...

I thought it interesting that this time she did some of her own research rather than having it handed to her. And the wahoo when finding her ancestor can be shared by all of us.

Jennifer said...

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