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September 27, 2010

Movie Monday: A Cemetery Walk Through St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery, Ontario

It's Movie Monday and this week's Movie is a Cemetery Walk through St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery in Orillia Ontario.

There are 70 tombstones in this cemetery and we have 50 photos  online with the rest to follow. There are 2 videos online on the OliveTreeGenealogy Channel on You-Tube.  Video 1 is an overview of the cemetery grounds. Video 2 is a slideshow of photos of the first 25 tombstones as you start walking into the cemetery.

There are also 25 photos of more tombstones in St. Michael's Cemetery online at The rest of the tombstones in this cemetery will be going online as a Video this week.

This older Cemetery is not well maintained, there's no parking and stones are tossed into the bushes. It's on the S. side of Coldwater Rd between Rynard Dr and Emily St. in Orillia. The newer St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery will be going online soon.

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