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January 3, 2011

Ada Harland's Diary England 1914: Jan. 3

Jan. 3, 1914. Saturday

In bed until 1 o'clock. Wrote in aft. Evening party. V.C. drove us. Had M. R., S.U and Miss R. to supper

Note: I must correct my earlier post where I said that Ada's husband-to-be Bertie was in the PPCLI. I misread his letter to Ada. He was actually a cook in F. Company of the 1st B.C. Regiment. In his letter to Ada he talks about the Princess Patricia's Regiment suffering heavy losses.

I thought readers might be interested in this notice I found which Ada placed in a newsletter called Driftwood on Nov. 24, 1960.

Driftwood was published on Salt Spring Island, B.C. The postal address for the editor was Ganges.

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