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April 13, 2011

Calling all Canadians & Americans - Does your family have British Roots?

Dragonfly TV in the UK wrote to me about a very interesting opportunity for Canadians and Americans

We’re currently making an exciting new TV series called Guess the Relative  and it’s a fun and entertaining show all about family history and our distant living relatives.

In it, people from around the world with get the chance to travel to Britain to discover living British relatives, who they never even knew existed.

We’re currently looking for people from Canada who think they may have a distant ancestor from the UK. Their ancestor might be several generations back and come from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland - but if they have any link to the UK whatsoever, we want to hear about it!

Their Press Release follows

A British TV company is making an exciting new TV show featuring British families and their long lost Canadian and US relatives. Dragonfly TV is currently looking for Canadian and US families who would like to travel to Great Britain to discover long lost relatives they never knew existed. They’ll get to experience British life and stay in a magnificent Countryside home and meet new members of their family along the way.
If you think you may have British ancestors and would like to find out more visit

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