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April 4, 2011

The Peer Family in North America (Press Release)

The Peer family left New Jersey to settle in Ontario Canada in 1796, after the Revolutionary War. Jacob and Anne (aka Hannah) Peer had several children born in New Jersey (Levi, John, Edward, Philip, Phoebe, Marcy, Jacob and Stephen). Their descendants settled in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ontario Canada.

I have been researching all branches of this family for over 30 years and last year I published Volume 1 of a planned series of books on the family.

The following brief excerpt is from my book The Peer Family in North America. V1 Jacob & Anne Peer, Immigrants from New Jersey to Upper Canada in 1796. A study of the first two generations. published June 2010.  

Jacob Peer, the immigrant ancestor to Ontario, left New Jersey for Upper Canada (present day Ontario) thirteen years after the American Revolution ended in 1783. The American Revolution began in 1773 and during this time New Jersey was a hot bed of political and military upheaval.

From records found in Ontario we know that Jacob and his family were loyal to the British side, and suffered from persecution in New Jersey throughout the war years. His British sympathies had caused great hardship for him during the War, and as former neighbour Nathaniel Pettit described in an affidavit supporing Jacob’s petition for land in Upper Canada (present day Ontario)

"[Jacob] suffered greatly both in his person and property in the Late War between Great Britain and America".

Jacob remained in New Jersey until the summer of 1796 when he and his family and at least one adult son Philip (and his family) left for Upper Canada.

Subsequent volumes are in process for each individual in Generation 2 (Jacob & Anne's children) and their descendants. Peer descendants will want to purchase Volume 1 plus any  Volume(s) containing details and records of their next ancestor and descendants.

Generation 2: Children of Jacob & Anne Peer
  • Levi Peer & his wife Elizabeth Marical (settled in Illinois & Ontario) [Vol. 2]
  • John Peer & his wife the widow of Thomas Millard (settled mainly in Ontario) [Vol. 1]
  • Edward Peer & his two wives Anna and Sarah (settled in Pennsylvania & Ontario) [Vol. 3]
  • Philip Peer & his two wives Ester Dunn and Susan Griniaus (settled mainly in Ontario) [Vol. 4]
  • Phoebe Peer & her husband Daniel McQueen (settled mainly in Ontario) [Vol. 7]
  • Marcy Peer & her husband Harcor Lyons (settled in Michigan & Ontario) [Vol. 7]
  • Jacob Peer Jr. & his wife Lucy Powers (settled in Michigan & Ontario) [Vol. 5]
  • Stephen Peer & his wife Lydia Skinner (settled in New York &Ontario) [Vol. 6]

Interested descendants may sign up for notification of publication and updates by writing to (replace AT with @) Please include your name, and the Volumes you are interested in. 

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Anonymous said...

When will the generation 2 books be available? Loved Volume 1!