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May 4, 2011

Springpad News - Back up Your Springpad Data

Good news for those of us who use and love Springpad. Now you can quickly and easily backup all your Springpad data. For those who don't know about Springpad, it's a terrific little (free) organizer for daily tasks and chores. I love it and use it almost every day for my genealogy ideas and blog posts.

To back up your files, just log into your account at, click on Settings then Services and choose "Create Backup"

A zip file is generated. When it is done (it only takes a few seconds), choose the download option and it will be saved on your computer hard drive.

If you ever need to see or use that backup file, just unzip it and you will see all the folders and sub-folders that you created on Springpad. These can be viewed as html files on any web browser.

1 comment:

Karen Edith Minnemeyer said...

I want to thank you for turning us on to this little app. I have found it most useful.