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August 13, 2011

Featured Photo: CDV of Mrs. Joseph Curtis 1862

Mrs. Joseph Curtis 1862 

This is one of my favourite CDVs (Cartes de Visite). It's  #4 in the Fobes Civil War Album on Lost Faces. Her beautiful dress has full Pagoda sleeves drop from her shoulder. Added to that a ruffled undersleeve and gives the illusion of a tiny waist which was every woman's dream during the Civil War fashion period. The extreme fullness of her skirt also adds to the illusion of a very tiny waist.

Her hair is typical of this time period - parted in the middle, pulled over her ears and ending in a roll at the nape of her neck. 

Learn more about early photographs and how to date them on Lost Faces.


Lyn said...

This is really beautiful!

Linda Gartz said...

I recognize the hairstyle and dress immediately as Civil War era style. Anyone who's seen Gone With the Wind or visited the Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield ( Illinois (a MUST see) will be familiar with the fashion of that day. Thanks for posting.