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August 2, 2011

My Y-DNA & mtDNA Surnames & Haplogroups

I've had my Mitochondrial DNA tested (mtDNA) and my brother's Y-DNA tested at Family Tree DNA . Here is a summary and our ancestor surnames in each category. I am only listing the surnames that belong in the direct lineage tested.

Perhaps someone will spot a connection.

My Paternal Lineage: Surname McGINNIS. Y-DNA Haplogroup is  I1b2a. Apparently my brother has a rare mutation called M284. 

McGINNIS (DOWNEY spouse) - Co. Down Ireland to Ontario Canada 1847
McGINNIS (KING spouse) - Wellington Co. Ontario Canada
McGINNIS (PEER spouse)  - Wellington Co. Ontario Canada

My Maternal Lineage: mtDNA Haplogroup is J

This follows the female lineage only from me, my mother, her mother, her mother's mother and so on.

ANSELL- England (married in Kent England 1792)
ELVERY - Kent, England
ELVERY- Kent England
STEAD- Kent England
SIMPSON - Kent England

Do you match any of these surnames and locations? I am going to start including this list in any emails I send to connections from Family Tree DNA . So far I've not heard back from anyone regarding my mtDNA and several email addresses bounce. I'm not sure why anyone would register with a DNA site, have their DNA tested and then not keep their contact information up to date. But they do.


Nicole said...

Do you follow Ancestorville Genealogy? Their Facebook page posts daily chats for different states/countries etc...perhaps you could find an upcoming chat for countries you have listed and find a connection that way?

Good Luck - I'm hoping to do this testing one day as well!

NickMGombash said...

My paternal Y-DNA is Haplogroup I, as well. Although, my paternal line is from Hungary. Pretty interesting! I'm hoping to have my mtDNA in a few weeks.. that line is from Germany.

Rachel Johnson said...

My mtdna is J2a1a. I had autosomal done, but cannot compare with Ydna. (yet) I have an ancestor Harvey Clark who was married to a Alice McGinnis. Her father was from Ireland and Mother from England. I will check further see if any other surnames match up. If you would like to look at my tree or get a report on that line of my family, just email. Rachel Johnson