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October 26, 2011

New iPhone 4S Arrived Safely!

My new iPhone 4S with lime-green bumper guard
Today is an exciting technology day! My new iPhone 4S arrived this morning and I'm heading off soon to my service provider to have them activate my SIM card.

I'm going to have fun trying out the new SIRI capabilities on the iPhone 4S and am super excited about it! Since I'm upgrading from a 3GS to the 4S there are lots of new features for me.

Like Facetime. A front facing camera... and I'm sure much more.

To add to this day of pleasure, my new computer arrived this morning and my local tech guy came and spent 3 hours setting it up, adding a different more powerful router, re-doing my network system and making sure all my networked computers and devices were co-operating with one another.

Now it's up to me to learn Windows 7 - my new OS! Hmmm which to tackle first? My iPhone or my new computer. Oh sheesh it's a no-brainer - my iPhone 4S of course! Please send coffee and donuts if I don't surface by supper time.....

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