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October 20, 2011

WW2 American Soldiers Dog Tags - Families Found!

Great news! Families for two of our WW2 dog tags that belonged to American soldiers have been found!

James F. Courtney

Readers will recall that in September Olive Tree Genealogy posted about a found dog tag for American Soldier James. F. Courtney. His dog tag was found in a house in Normandy. Well, I'm pleased to say that my readers found James' grandson (also a soldier) and contact has been made.

The finder in Normandy has been asked for photos of where the dog tag was found and we hope a photo will be taken when the tag is received in United States by family members. I'll keep you posted!

Samuel P. Loftus

Samuel Loftus' WW2 dog tags were found by John of The Two Terriers Blog. Names and addresses of Samuel's son and daughter were found. I passed these on to John and he's written a letter to the son, who runs a jewellery store in Pendleton Oregon.  We are all anxiously waiting for his response.  I also hope for photos so watch the blog for more details.

A big thank you goes out to all the Olive Tree Genealogy blog readers who jumped in to hunt for James and Samuel's families and especially to Becky who never gave up! Another happy ending as the result of great team work!


mmac said...
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Genealogy Blogger said...

Kitty, how wonderful to hear from you! I will put you in touch with John, the man who found your father's dog tags.

We tried to contact your brother but got no response and none of us could find you! I'm so glad your son found us :-)

Watch for an email from me (Lorine)

Genealogy Blogger said...

Kitty wrote to say

What a fantastic day, my son was "surfing" the internet and just for the heck of it submitted his grandpa Samuel P. Loftus,name he was kind of his hero. Your blog about his dog tags being found was amazing.

I am his daughter and was wondering how I might obtain them from you?

(Name, address and email edited)