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November 18, 2011

BlogTalkRadio: Celebrate Your Family in Film (Yes I'm one of the guests!)

Don't miss tonight's Celebrate Your Family in Film on BlogTalkRadio. Yours truly is one of Thomas' guests! I'm so excited to be on, and to have a chance to listen to the other guests who are on tonight.

Special guests will include: David Adelman, founder of Reel Tributes and Rebecca Whitman Koford, Reel Tributes’s Director of Genealogy who will tell us how their company can help you create a documentary film starring your family!

Lorine McGinnis Schulze of the Olive Tree Genealogy website will discuss her recent project involving conversion of old home movies and videos to digital formats.

And Paula Hinkel of the Southern California Genealogical Society will give us a “sneak preview” of the SCGS Jamboree in June 2012 with the theme “Lights, Cameras, Ancestors!


Jill Ball said...

Thanks, Lorine. I listened in to hear your spot.

You've inspired me.

Genealogy Blogger said...

Great to hear it Jill!

I truly meant what I said about urging folks to not waste time but get those old VHS tapes and slides digitized. It's amazing and scary at how fast they degrade.

Glad you are doing yours!