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November 11, 2011

Lest We Forget - My Military Ancestors

My dad WW2
My uncle WW2
My uncle WW2
My great grand-uncle WW1
My grand-uncle WW1
My dad & uncle WW2
My grand-uncle pre WW1
My uncle WW2

My grand-uncle, Stanley Barracks
My grandfather in The Buffs

These are a few of the military heroes in my family. Honouring them and all others who have fought and died for freedom.


Richard Brashier said...

Wow, what a military family you have. My grandfather died in WWII so you have my sympathies. I tried to document everything about him on my website so that others can remember him in the future.

Richard Brashier said...

forgot to say, did you know there is a village in England - amusingly called Upper Slaughter - which had men or women killed in either world war? amazing!

Cherie Cayemberg said...

Great pictures! What a collection! Wonderful military tradition in your family. Happy Veterans Day!

Kathy Reed said...

I think you may have told me in the past what software you used to create these "cards" with each of your veteran relatives. I really like it.

Unknown said...

The picture of your Uncle and Father is interesting. The man on the right is the spitting image of my Grandad. Arthur Jones. Lived in Walworth, London