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June 26, 2012

Are you a Genealogist on Facebook?

The Changes Made by Facebook
If you're a genealogist and using Facebook to connect with other genealogists this might affect you. Facebook has changed everyone's default contact email to

That means if your contact email was your personal email account, it's no longer visible on your Timeline. It's still there, but it's hidden and the visible email is your

Now maybe you don't care. But if you want others to contact you at your personal email you will need to switch back to what you had. Also some tests done this morning and last night by concerned inviduals are indicating that Facebook's email system is flawed. Some messages are getting in and some are getting out but it's flaky.

My own tests this morning showed two messages I sent from two different gmail accounts did end up in my Facebook messages area and one I sent out to a gmail account arrived. That's not a very good test but I was only mildly curious as I have no intention of using Facebook's email system!
To change your contact email back, go to your Profile page, click ABOUT and scroll down to where you'll see your new addy. Click EDIT then HIDE the facebook addy from Timeline, and make your old one VISIBLE on Timeline. Then SAVE your changes.

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Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Thanks for this Lorine. I had no idea about this as I use FB intermittently.