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June 2, 2012

Finding a Genealogy Blog to Follow

How do you find genealogy blogs you want to read? There are so many out there that it's impossible to read them all.

Here are two ways of finding a blog or two that you enjoy:

1. The Genealogy News service was launched in July 2010 - available in a daily or weekly edition - which gets delivered right to your email inbox. Over 30,000 genealogists have signed up to receive this FREE service that highlights items published at Genealogy Today, along with news stories from top genealogy bloggers and publishers. Signup at

2. If you want to choose from thousands of genealogy focused blogs, here's a list of over 2500. You'll have to take a quick look at each one to decide which appeal to you

I subscribe to most of my chosen genealogy blogs in Google Reader. That allows me to go to one site and read all my chosen blogs there.  And I'm signed up to get a daily email of The Genealogy News which gives me the top genealogy blog stories of the day.


Benjamin S. Jackson Jr. said...

A little shameless self promotion: If you're looking for a cool genealogy blog, I just started mine!

Also, thanks for the links! I've been looking for some cool genealogy blogs to follow (besides yours, of course!)

Monja said...

I really love genealogy! Thanks for sharing