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November 7, 2012

Pinterest Tutorial #1: Creating a Board & Pinning

I talked about Pinterest in an earlier blog post "Pinterest, Time-Waster or Useful Utility?Today I want to walk you through the basic steps of joining Pinterest, setting up your boards and pinning webpages and items to them.

The video below can also be found on Olive Tree Genealogy YouTube channel along with other tutorials and my Cemetery Walks


Mariann Regan said...

This is very clear! I started to use Pinterest and then abandoned it when I didn't quite know how to work the site. You have confirmed for me that the place to get a picture/photo has to be from a website (and not just from a photo on my desktop). Very useful. I already have a PinIt button, so maybe I can move ahead now.

I'll save your URL so I can look again at this video. No matter how clear it is, I always manage to miss some detail! Thanks.

Sandy B said...

Since there is not Genealogy category, maybe you could use the History Category instead of "Other". Just a suggestion. It's one of the new categories they recently added.
I have never heard of Coffin Plates, very interesting! I will be looking you up on there and finding your board/links!