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August 19, 2013

WW1 Photo Album Page 7

Continuing on with my WW1 Photo Album archive here is the 7th page in Doris' album. There are only 3 photos on this page. One is my Grandfather Fuller in a garden. The second is my Grandmother Ruth (his wife) and the third is a family group but I do not know who they are.

 Grandma Ruth
 Grandpa Fuller
 I don't recognize any of these people. They were obviously important to Uncle Ern and Auntie Cordie but they may be her side of the family and that means I would not recognize them. I have some beautiful photos of Auntie Cordie's ancestors which I plan to put online in hopes other family members will spot them. Our family has no contact or connection with her family so I can't pass those photos on.

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