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April 5, 2014

Corpses of WW1 Soldiers Found as Glaciers Melt in Italy

A recent story online Melting glaciers in northern Italy reveal corpses of WW1 soldiers explains how dead soldiers from WW1 battles are being found and reburied by local villagers.

As the story explains, the bodies are often mummified. The two soldiers interred in 2012 were blond, blue-eyed Austrians aged 17 and 18 years old, who died on the Presena glacier and were buried by their comrades, top-to-toe, in a crevasse. Both had bulletholes in their skulls. One still had a spoon tucked into his puttees — common practice among soldiers who traveled from trench to trench and ate out of communal pots.

There are several photos and a lengthy explanation of the area and the fighting on The Telegraph article and it is well worth the read. 

Credits: Image is a cropped screen dump from The Telegraph article.

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