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April 1, 2014

Texas Tombstone Found During Construction Returned to Descendants

Texas Tombstone Found During Construction Returned to Descendants
A tombstone that was discovered beneath an East Texas construction site has been given to a relative.

Ron and Nelda Swinney claimed the stone Monday from the City of Tyler's Engineering Department. The Swinneys live in an area of Smith County along Highway 64, once known as Swinneytown. The Swinneys said they saw the stone on the news and researched to find that the baby's father was Ron Swinney's great-great-uncle.

"We just started having conversations how does this tombstone tie in to your family and they provided a family tree," said Tyler City Engineer Carter Delleney. 

The Swinney stone is now back in the family's hands and will eventually find its way to the Bascom Cemetery to be placed next to the baby's grandfather. Source: KLTV

The child was not quite 3 months old when he died in October 1883.

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Credit: image is a cropped screen dump from the online video on KLTV

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Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Wonderful that stone & family are reunited!