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July 18, 2015

Documentary Launching on The Africa Channel "Up From the Roots"

Documentary Launching on The Africa Channel "Up From the Roots"
Ngozi Paul, 2007
An amazing opportunity came my way last week. The Africa Channel is launching a new TV show in the Fall and the host and producer of the show, Ngozi Paul of Ngozika Productions, asked me to be on one of the segments called "Up from the Roots", about the importance of knowing your roots and how to create a family tree. 

But the timing was not possible so I had to reluctantly pass on the opportunity. I talked to Ngozi (who is the producer and star of the television series "Da Kink in my Hair") and what an interesting woman she is! How I wish I could have joined her. To say I am disappointed to not take part in this wonderful documentary is putting it mildly.

I wish her well with this new documentary. It sounds fascinating. Ngozi shared with me the names of the other two individuals (Ron Finley the urban gardener and Felicia Leatherwood) who will be featured on the episode I would have been on, and they are going to be very interesting guests!

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