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July 10, 2015

Happy Ending re Wallet With ID from 1956 Found in Ceiling of Home

Happy Ending re Wallet With ID from 1956 Found in Ceiling of Home
Earlier in June I blogged about a Wallet with ID from 1956 Found in Ceiling of Home  

The owner of the home stated that "While taking down the ceiling in our house, C. found a wallet full of treasures. Anyone know a William Mollon, born June 19th, 1933, from Sydney, Nova Scotia? He took the train from Sydney to Port Credit in June of 1956."

I am happy to report that the wallet has been returned to the man who lost it! 

His nephew reports "After 59 years my uncle's long lost belongings have finally been returned to him. William (Bill) Mollon"


Brandy Heineman said...

How special! I can't even imagine, especially what it would be like to see those lost pictures again after almost 60 years.

T said...

This is a facebook link. Can you give us the highlights?

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

No I cannot give you the "highlights" you will have to click through to see the photos.

T said...

You have to be a member of facebook to access the photos. Don't plan to join. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I am with T - if everyone knew how their information is being used, sold, etc., they would not be using facebook...... I am of the opinion, however, that most people just convince themselves that it is OK and go blindly on their way..... I will repeat, I agree with T - and I do not plan to ever join it either!

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

It is certainly your choice re joining any site, including Facebook. However, educating yourself as to how to set your privacy settings etc on Facebook or ANY SITE is always a wise thing to do.

With privacy settings set as you wish, you can control what the site sees and uses.

It is a matter of taking the time to learn how to control what info you provide to a site and what info you allow to be used.

I have been on Facebook for many years and have not had my information sold or misused in any way.