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September 10, 2015

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Special on Legacy Tree Research!
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Sep 18th: RESEARCH finished by Christmas
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Nov 30th: INTRO research finished by Christmas
Dec 18th: gift card MAILED and project finished later
Dec 23rd: gift card EMAILED and project finished later
About Legacy Tree Genealogists: founded in 2004 and based near the world’s largest family history library, Legacy Tree is the world’s highest rated professional genealogy research company. Working with researchers around the globe, Legacy Tree’s team can track down rare international records, analyze DNA test results, push back ancestry, and connect cousins. [Source: Legacy Tree]


Unknown said...

You state that Legacy Tree is the world's highest rated rated professionAL genealogy research firm. Who and where is this information. I can find nothing of the sort. This is like the claim that made that they were the largest genealogy research firm in the world. Please provide the information requested above for all to see. Thank you

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Dear "unknown"

I kind of chuckled at the fact that you didn't leave your name when complaining about an UNREFERENCED statement on my blog....

I am guessing you don't understand the protocol of putting a company's "about" blurb in ITALICS at the bottom of a post - it means that section came directly from the company.

But to satisfy your anonymous request, I have added the source to that "About" section on the post.

Dana Leeds said...

I'm glad you shared this post. Last week, I was trying to remember 'who' had recently recommended Legacy Tree Research. Now I know! :) I am going to check it out & I'll let you know if I decide to hire them. Thanks for sharing the offer!