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September 5, 2015

Searching Siblings of Your Direct Ancestors Pays Off

Searching Siblings of Your Direct Ancestors Pays Off
On my AskOliveTree Blog Pamela asked about naturalization records for her ancestor William Galbraith. 

My response can be read at Search all the Children not just your Direct Ancestor!

Feel free to send your challenging genealogy queries to for me to answer. 

Sometimes I do actual research on your behalf, sometimes I just point you in the right direction to find answers on your own!

I post a Q&A every Thursday, more often if possible.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of sideways searching! Often, it's those little clues gleaned from the siblings' census entries, vital records, and more that really help us find the answers we're seeking. Besides, it gives us a much fuller picture of the family as a whole and I think that's very important. :)

A. R. Dotson said...

I can't agree enough with this! My main line of research over the past year has been uncovering my great-great grandmother's family history back in Ireland. A message board tip gave me the name of a possible brother of hers back in Ireland, and by beginning my research in Irish records with him I was eventually able to connect them all together and uncover additional siblings and many, many cousins on both sides of the Atlantic.

ScotSue said...

I echo the other comments. I had no idea I had American connections until I started researching the four sisters of my great grandmother. An initial search found that Alice had died in New Jersey, whilst all the other family members were firmly based in Lancashire, England. More research followed and through my blog a third cousin contacted me - the result more family photographs and stories. Searching siblings can be very rewarding.