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August 17, 2016

3 Abandoned Children Find Each Other Years Later

This is an amazing and heart-warming story of three adults, each abandoned during a 3-year time span in Prince Rupert British Columbia, who have found each other. Each baby was left on a doorstep and found shortly after birth.

Janet Keall writes
 "Around my 18th birthday, I felt compelled to start this search [for birth family]. Over a 20-year period, I had no success until, in the last few months, I found a biological half-brother named Kevin and a biological half-sister named Kathie Rennie. We were all abandoned in Prince Rupert over a 39-month period."
It was DNA testing that proved the three were half-siblings.  Keall adds that "the three of us are now spending time together and getting to know our new-found families and have committed to unite on our family search for our biological mother and fathers."

Read the full story at Abandoned as babies, siblings find each other

The siblings' website at provides more details. Perhaps a reader will recognize something that might help the siblings.

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