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August 12, 2016

Do You Like My New Website?

Introducing.... my new author website

My readers might know that I've been writing books and articles for many years. I've written and published over 2 dozen non-fiction books, and in June of this year I ventured into the field of fiction with my debut genealogical mystery novel, Death Finds a Way.

Readers were asking me for more details about my previous books, my published articles, my television and webinar interviews, etc., and thus my new website was born. This was a fun website to design and I hope my readers like it! Why not take a look and let me know what you think?

Oh, and if you have read and liked my book Death Finds a Way, would you take a moment to pop over to Amazon and give it a review and rating? Your support is very much appreciated!


Linda Stufflebean said...

Very nice clean look.

Peter said...

Looks very professional, Lorine and by now a respectable number of interesting books!

Dana Leeds said...

The site looks great! I have your book sitting on my nightstand. I usually read digital books, so haven't gotten to it, yet. But, I hope to read it as soon as school starts. :)