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September 28, 2016

The Sculptor Who Created Facial Masks for WW1 Disfigured Soldiers

Anna Coleman Ladd was a sculptor from Philadelphia, living in Manchester, Massachusetts who devoted herself to helping disfigured WW1 soldiers. Working from a cast of the individual's face, Anna created a lifelike mask which the solider could wear in public.

Reading about this made me think of Boardwalk Empire and Richard Harrow who wore a tin maks over half his face due to disfigurement during WW1. 

Read about this amazing woman and her work at Anna Coleman Ladd- American sculptor who devoted her time throughout WWI to soldiers, who were disfigured

You can also review her documents and papers at Anna Coleman Ladd papers, circa 1881-1950 

Image credit: American Red Cross Studio for Portrait-Masks File: Scrapbook 1914-1933. Box 2, Folder 70 on Archives of American Art

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