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September 16, 2016

Van Alstyne Genealogy Group

Jan Martense de Wever [the weaver] was the immigrant ancestor of the VAN ALSTYNE family in America. He and his wife, Dircken Hermanse Boertgen and at least two children came to New York area from Drenthe Province, Netherlands prior to 1655.

The surname VAN ALSTYNE does not appear until 1689 in Albany church records. Prior to that date, Jan used the patronymic Martensen, meaning son of Marten. He was also called "de Wever" meaning the weaver.

The surname has been found as Van Alstyn, Van Valsteyn, Van Aalstein, Van Aelstein and VAn Alstyne. Herman Jansen continued the name without the Van, and in some cases it became Alston.

If you are a descendant of Jan Martense and his wife Dirckien Hermanse Boertgen, this group is for you.

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