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May 8, 2017

Fannie Slaven Family Photo

Fannie Slavens Family

This photo was tucked inside an antique Civil War Era Family Photo Album I purchased. Inside the album the inscription read "Sarah J. Taylor Album Presented by Thomas Taylor June 1871"

Can you identify anyone in this photo? For a list of other identified photos in this album, see Civil War Era Taylor Family Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites)


Pamela said...

My husband's matenal uncle Grant Cassel married Sarah Slaven during the second world war.
Unfortunately he was killed when his ship The S.S. Maine was torpedoed. He is buried in Morroco.
The family lost touch with his American wife Sarah and their little girl unfortunately.
I just wondered if this family could be related to Uncle Grant's Sarah Slaven.

Larry Slavens said...

This is the family of John O. Slaven, son of Civil War Medal of Honor winner Samuel Slavens. They are, seated from left, Paul Slaven, Madge Slaven King, and their mother Fannie Slaven; standing, Kathryn "Kit" Slaven Whiteaker, Alice Slaven Gronemeyer, Herman King, and Jennie Slaven Livezey. This was probably taken after John's death. His is a very unusual story; he abandoned his family, although his son John went with him. They lived for almost 30 years in Hutchinson, Kansas, under the name of Smith. John ran a gun shop and was killed in a robbery. You can see a story about the murder, and other information about the family, at the website.