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January 5, 2018

Calling All Witches!

There is a call for witches to help with Chicago’s Newberry Library need to crowdsource translations for three 17th-century manuscripts of spells, charms and magic.

The three manuscripts, “The Book of Magical Charms,” “The Commonplace Book” and “Cases of Conscience Concerning Witchcraft” are currently available at “Transcribing Faith” portal.

In the 17th century manuscript, The Book of Magical Charms, you can transcribe, edit others' efforts, or translate Latin to English.

The Commonplace Book appears to have been started in the 15th century and contains many diverse topics from morality issues to odd events and religion.

 You can transcribe or edit others work in Cases of Conscience Concerning Witchcraft  which is part of the Cases of Conscience Concerning Evil Spirits by Increase Mather, an influential Puritan minister and president of Harvard who also administered the Salem Witch Trials.

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