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April 4, 2018

Archaelogists FInd Meieval Coffin Birth Skeleton

Archaeology is fascinating. It can also be sad and poignant. Finding a skeleton can lead to more details on how, why or when a person died than we sometimes find comfortable. Such was the discovery and story written about by 

"An early Medieval grave near Bologna, Italy, was revealed to contain an injured pregnant woman with a fetus between her legs. Based on the positioning of the tiny bones, researchers concluded this was a coffin birth, when a baby is forcibly expelled from its mother's body after her death. The pregnancy and the woman's head trauma may also be related."

Just reading that first paragraph made me feel sad for this poor Italian woman. But I read on and it is a very informative story you might want to read. 

Continue reading this story at This Pregnant Medieval Woman With Head Wound 'Gave Birth' In Her Grave

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