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May 18, 2018

More Immigrant Ancestors 1812-1913

After writing about my immigrant ancestors in a 300 year span (27 of them!) on an earlier blog post "Who Were Your Immigrant Ancestors", I thought it only fair to write about my husband's.

His most recent immigrant ancestor was Elsie Markham from England to Canada in 1913

His earliest that we have found so far was Thomas Montgomery from Fermanagh Ireland to Quebec in 1812. Thomas and his family were heading to New York but their ship was captured by the British in the War of 1812. The passengers were taken as prisoners and sent to Newfoundland and then Quebec

Below are other known dates of arrival for more of my husband's immigrant ancestors in that 101 year timeline from earliest arrival to most recent:

  • William Massey from Ireland to Quebec in 1842
  • John Cooper from England to New Jersey 1842
  • James Hogan from Ireland to Canada in 1843 
  • George Jickling from England to Canada 1844
  • John Cowan(s) from Scotland or England in 1851
  • Frederick Purdue from England to Canada in 1856
  • William Jackson from Tipperary Ireland to Canada in 1857
  • Sam Sandercock from England to Canada in 1887
  • Achillus Camillus (Archie) De Meulenaere from Belgium to America then to Canada in 1900
Let's hear your stories! Who were your immigrant ancestors?

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