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May 4, 2018

Salden Heath, Top Hat and All, on Lost Faces


This is one of the photographs I have rescued and published online on my Lost Faces website.

The Civil War era photo album was in rough shape but most of the photos were identified on the album pages. The Album is online on Lost Faces along with 81 other rescued photo albums from the 19th century.

 Here is what the photo above looked like while still in the album

The name is challenging to read but I make it out as Salden Heath. Other names in the album are Ells, Smith, Turner, Harley, Stanley, Ennis, Knowlton, Phelps, Comstock, Gaylord, Watrus, Rush, Rust, Rogers, Heath, Andress, davis, Boughton, Palmer, Spratt, Morse


RonNasty said...

Salden Heath reminds me of Johnny Carson.

Chris said...

My mother's maiden name is Heath and in her family back several generations was a 'cousin' named Selden Heath, born 1822 and died in Ira, Cayuga County, NY. I have no info on him but none of the other names are known to be related to our Heath family.