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January 21, 2019

Find Ancestors in Naturalization Records Online

December was a busy month for Olive Tree Genealogy but I spent some time updating my Naturalization site. l love immigration and naturalization records! There is so much genealogy information there for the taking, and it feels like my ancestors have come back to life when I read their stories.

On I have links to many online naturalization records databases. Some are free, others are pay to view. It's pretty
 comprehensive although if you know of a site I haven't linked to, please let me know!

Flowers Charles USA Naturalization 1871
If you are looking for naturalization or passport records in the USA, go to my USA section. I have some records online on my site, others are links. There are passport records, alien registrations, oaths of allegiance, almshouse records and more in the American section.


If you want Canadian records, go to the Canada section 

I suggest doing a quick read of what is available for Canada and then choosing what fits your search time period.


UK Naturalization Record 1865
  United Kingdom records start here. Be aware that the British spell it Naturalisation and sometimes call them Denization records.

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