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June 5, 2020

Can You Match or Beat Mine?

Family Trees can be very confusing with intermarriages, step-parents, multiple marriages, etc. 
Davd Annal posed an intriguing question on Twitter asking if anyone could beat his four brothers marrying four sisters. I can. 
Here's mine - in the early 19th century 6 Vollick siblings married 5 Burkholder siblings (you'll figure that out when you look below):
1826 Matthias Vollick m Catherine Burkholder
1827 Isaac Vollick m Sophia Burkholder
1830 Janine Volllick (1) md Jacob Burkholder
1831 Richard Vollick m Elizabeth Burkholder (My ancestors)
1831 Margaret Vollick m David Burkholder
1846 Eliza Vollick (2) m Jacob Burkholder
The Vollick family sometimes used the surname Follick. You can read more about the family at Isaac Van Valkenburg aka Vollick, Loyalist from New York with Butler's Rangers in Niagara
Can you match or beat mine?


Celia Lewis said...

Wow!! Can't imagine anyone beating you... But I had a work-based client years ago who told me 9 of her sisters married 9 brothers - her family was heavy on girls, the boys' family was almost all boys. They were from a different culture, where my client told me this was relatively common. Found out later that both families came from the same grandparents. Oh my!

Miss Merry said...

wow. I thought I was doing good when my widowed grandfather married his wife's brother's widow making my dad's cousins his step brothers and sisters. You win!!!