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August 5, 2020

R is for Rogues

Nov. 21, 1879 Guelph Daily Mercury
Olive Tree Genealogy is continuing a new Alphabet Genealogy series of blog posts. I'm not following the usual way of going A-Z surnames. Instead I will create a one word "tag". Then I will share an ancestor (mine, my husband's, an inlaw's or one of my children's) who fits the tag

Today's letter is R for Rogues. We all love a good rogue in our family tree. I have several - ancestors I wouldn't call criminals but definitely rogues.

For instance my great grandfather Alexander McGinnis was fined for selling liquor in the City Park.

Nov. 21, 1879 Guelph Daily Mercury. Local News. Alex. McGinnis of Puslinch, fined for selling liquor without a license in the Agricultural Park, has made arrangements with the Inspector for the payment of the fine, and therefore is not in gaol.
Who are the rogues in your family tree?

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Unknown said...

Have a grandfather who left all his family in Jefferson County,New York ,married my grandmother and changed his surnames on the marriage licence!
I've found all the "lost" relatives and have met one..still living in the same area as my grandfathers grandfather lived.
Dale C.Jones