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February 18, 2007

ONTARIO data online

I hope this is helpful, it's a list I made of miscellaneous Ontario related data online on blogs.

Each blog has a list of the Ontario documents found there. The dates at the end are the dates the data/document was posted. So you can go to the blog and search the archives for that date OR go to the blog and use the Blogger Search Engine to hunt for the keywords in the post.


Fleming Hardy Bible of Peel County Ontario... 6/11/06

Robert S. Pearson Family Bible 1881 , Ontario 5/17/06

Family Bible: Andrews Canada, Ontario 9/12/05

Bible: Fleming - Hardy Genealogy Canada, Ontario 7/17/05

GATES & MARSHALL Family Bible Canada, Nova Scotia, Ontario

WW1 Death Records DUGGAN Ontario 8/24/05

Photo Album: Lee, Willson, Badenoch, Pepper,Ontario 8/4/05

New York. Lake Champlain. Canada. Petition, 1790 -... Ontario

Funeral Card Eliza SNYDER, 1840-1911 Ontario 2/3/07

Funeral Card Mary Kaercher Sararas, 1911 Ontario 1/17/07

COFFIN PLATE Ontario GORDON Ontario 1/15/07

Funeral Card Margaret Thompson 1910 Ontario 8/5/06

Funeral Card Leslie Rohr 1914 Roseville Ontario 1/5/06

OBIT: Hazel Jagoe, 1910-1979 Hamilton Ontario 9/21/04

OBIT: William Finn died 1928 Ontario

John St. George Honner in Minnesota to brother Edward W. Honner in Amherstburg, Ontario, 1863

WW1: Albert Bertram Mudge, Ontario 1915 7/11/04

Civil War: Charles McDowell, a Canadian in NY 9th ... Ontario 5/8/04

1 comment:

Tim Agazio said...

Thank you for this post on Ontario data. One of the surprises I've had in the few years I've been researching is that several family lines unexpectedly involve Canada somehow...a couple of them Ontario. Your post has given me a place to start...thanks again.

Tim Agazio