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November 4, 2008

Canadian War Dead 1914-1918 Vigil

At sunset November 4th through to sunrise November 11th, will present a vigil commemorating the 68,000 Canadians who lost their lives in WWI. The names of the 68,000 war dead will be projected over a week of nights onto the National War Memorial in Ottawa, buildings in other regions of Canada and onto the side of Canada House in Trafalgar Square in London, England.

More than 9,700 names will appear each night. Each individual name will appear only once during the seven nights. These include those killed in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, the Canadian Merchant Navy and the Canadian Army Medical Corps.

On you will see the Ottawa National Vigil streamed live from the National War Memorial. It will run for seven nights, starting at 5:00pm each evening. The first name appears at 5:15pm. Each night’s vigil will be 13 hours long, ending at sunrise the following day. The vigil will then recommence at 5:00pm and run another 13 hours. The last name will appear as dawn breaks on November 11th.

The vigil will commence November 4th 2008. To find the exact night and time when a specific name will appear, use the Search Names tab located at The names appearing in the vigil will have no order or ranking. Each man or woman was equal in death.


Velda said...

Having lived in Ottawa, being an army brat and having family who died in WWI, I am so glad to see this. Thank you :)

Genealogy Blogger said...

Hi Velda

I think it's wonderful too. My son is in the Canadian Military, my father fought in WW2 and one of my Grandmother's brothers (Philip Edgar Peer) was killed in WW1.

His name appears on Nov. 5th and I am hoping my dialup connection will allow me to see the names online.


marj said...

What a great memorial to our brave soldiers.My uncle Stephen Peyton from Newfoundland gave his life during world I. Iwill see his name on Nov.5 at 11:55 PM

John Thompson said...

I was there at City Hall from 4:30 PM to see my great uncle's name -- George Denholm Conn, who fell on April 22nd 1915. There were about a dozen people around Nathan Philips Square in the cold, all waiting to do something similar. It was a true vigil.

Donna Benoit said...

Hi Marj
Do you have any photo's of Stephen
Peyton. My Late Grandfather Henry O Peyton from Joe Batts Arm NL. was Stephen's brother and told me that Stephen died on April 24/1917 from the result of stepping on a Land Mine. I am doing a Family History and would love more info if you have,

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