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May 14, 2010

Featured Foto from Lost Faces: Burtch Family

Civil War Era Burtch Family Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites), circa 1860s.

This week's Featured Photo from Lost Faces is from the Burtch Family Civil War era Photo Album. It is part of my private collection of 1800s Photograph Albums which I rescue and publish online at Lost Faces

This carte de visite was not identified but was with the Burtch Photo Album. Many of the photos in the album were identified and can be viewed online at Lost Faces.

Surnames: Burtch, Gransake, Zeir, Zeirt, Blanchard, Morehouse, Stetson, Hooper

Locations: Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Illinois, Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio, England

Lost Faces is my collection of Family Photo Albums. One of my hobbies is going to antique auctions, stores, flea markets and garage sales. Whenever I spot one of those old Photo Albums from the 1800s with family pictures, I have to buy it! I can't bear the thought that the album and photos will be lost or destroyed. Even though they aren't my ancestors, and they can be very expensive, I can't walk away without it.

Lost Faces is my way of saving these genealogy treasures and preserving historical documents. I have albums that contain funeral cards, memorial cards, obituaries, Christmas cards, and hand-written genealogies. My goal is to eventually place all these albums online for all to see

1 comment:

The Vintage Experience said...

What a fantastic photo! Photos like this get me thinking. I wonder what her life would have been like. Was she a happy person? Imagine doing the housework in that outfit. Or did she have servants? I know I'll never know the answers, but still it makes me think.

Thanks for sharing these photos.

Have a great weekend.

Regards, Sandra.