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May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend: Uncle Ern

I think of all the photos I have of Military ancestors, this one of my Uncle Ern is one of my favourites.

Ernest George Simpson 1883-1958

Ernie was my grandmother's brother and he left England for Toronto Ontario Canada in 1908. He was in the military in England (The Kent Buffs) and again in Canada, and in this photo he's at Stanley Barracks in Toronto during WW1.

My family has a long military history. My father was a Lieutenant during WW2, one of my sons is currently serving in the Canadian military.

I'm descended from two Loyalists who fought on the British side during the American Revolutionary War, from soldiers who fought during the War of 1812 and from men who fought in many wars and skirmishes over the centuries.

I remember them all and thank them for their sacrifices.

1 comment:

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

What a great photo! Interesting shot and it's nice and crisp too. My husband also has an "uncle Ern"!